Barometer Survey unveils alarming insights

7 Dec 2023

The United Against Online Abuse Barometer Survey has exposed concerning findings regarding the security risks faced by sporting figures globally. The survey engaged representatives from 90 national federations, and an overwhelming majority, 90%, concurred that sporting figures are currently at risk.

The comprehensive survey aimed to gauge the perceived threats faced by athletes, coaches, and other sports personalities. The results highlight a consensus among national federations on the gravity of the situation, emphasizing the urgent need for enhanced security measures within the sporting community.

The alarming insights revealed in the survey shed light on the vulnerability of sports figures across different regions. The findings underscore the necessity for immediate action to address and mitigate the identified risks, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals associated with sports.

The FIA and UAOA’s collaborative effort in conducting this survey reflects a commitment to promoting the welfare of the global sporting community. By bringing attention to the shared concerns of national federations, the organizations aim to catalyze initiatives that will safeguard the integrity of sports and protect those involved in various capacities.

As the results unveil a unanimous agreement on the existing security challenges faced by sports figures, the survey serves as a call to action for the international sports community, urging stakeholders to collaborate in implementing robust security protocols. The insights gained from this survey have the potential to drive policy changes and influence the development of protective measures to ensure a safer environment for everyone associated with sports, from athletes to coaches and beyond.

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